“Shop till you drop” should be your motto as Kathmandu is a shoppers’ paradise. Many of the shops, galleries and boutiques various wares providing that special something for you and your loved ones.

Funky. Fashionable. Chic. Sleek. Shopping in Kathmandu is an experience like no other. Kathmandu offers everything from luxury boutiques, shopping centres, to bargain outlets and markets. It's the experience of shopping here that people love to return to again and again.

Shopping can be very rewarding and exciting in Kathmandu. There are numerous tourist shops on the main streets and in the hotel arcades brimming with tempting jewelry, statues, and other typical Nepalese handicraft. Each place has its specialty product which is unique. Bhaktapur, for instance, is the place to buy pottery. The Traditional Craftsman's Colony in Patan is a famous center for Nepalese handicraft. You may get carved-wooden items while at Patan. As for jewelry, buyers can opt for loose gems or custom-made items.

For sheer variety of products and brands in all price ranges, Kathmandu offers a unique shopping experience. From glitzy malls to trendy boutiques, you can find almost anything and everything that caters to your shopping list. For premium brands and high fashion, Durbar Marg is consumers’ Mecca. It has all the high-end fashion requirements. For fashionistas, there is no other alternative to Durbar Marg. Thamel area in particular is popular choice for  souvenir and handicrafts. Kupondole, Lazimpat and Dillibazaar are famous for its popular boutiques. From affordable to extravagant design, all that needed for a traditional look is here. New Road caters to the budget-conscious shoppers. Jhamsikhel fulfills the gastronomical whereas shopping malls like Civil Mall, NLIC City Center, Bluebird Mall, Times Sqaure Mall, Kathmandu Mall and UWTC make their locations famous because of their presence.

Experience everything from luxury boutiques, malls and department stores to street markets and local designers.

Handicrafts, Arts and Antiques
The remarkable choices of handicrafts made in Nepal are immensely popular throughout the world. The brilliant workmanship and artistic creations are unique. Much of the handicrafts also carry religious significance and in fact many are meant for religious purposes....
Metal Works
The metal work is also exceptional. Statues of high quality are available for prices ranging from a few thousand rupees to gold inlaid life-sized works. The lost was method is used to create these works of art. The wax figure is covered with clay and put in the sun t...
Gems & Jewellery
Nepal has some of the best goldsmiths and silver smiths in the worid, i.e. the Newar craftsmen, who have been delighting collectors and patrons with their exquisite creations for more than 600 years. So if you've ever wanted to own the finest jewellry, at a fractian ...
Thankas & Paubhas
For hundreds of years, scroll paintings have decorated the walls of monasteries, temples, and homes in East Asia. Especially, the Tibetan and Newar styles come from a time when these cultures were at their peak. Most of the older surviving scroll paintings are remind...
Handwoven Cloths
Many weavers in the Valley produce handwoven cot ton cloth of many colors and patterns. Visitors will find beautifully designed clothing and fabrics in Kathmandu's shops. The Magars of western Nepal also weave fabrics for readymade gar ments. Tussar which is the best...
Paper Products
Traditional Nepalese paper, popularly known as "rice paper" is actually made of lokta bark found in remote areas of the coun try. Because of its strength, govern ment offices use it for official docu ments. Many stores in Thamel and Patan sell writing pads ...
Pashmina & Cashmere
Pashminas are made from the inner fur of the Himalayan Lambs and are popular for their softness of touch and natural color. Pashmina fabrics like shawls, mufflers, sweaters caps and winter wears are fashionable worldwide. It is more soft and warmer than the synthetic...
Boutiques and Fashion
Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal, as well as home to some of the finest fashion boutiques in the world. When traveling in Kathmandu and looking for something feminine and flirty, or trendy and edgy, you are sure to find something to fit your needs in Kathmandu'...
Departmental Store/Groceries
Departmental Stores have become indispensable feature of the urban lifestyle due to the quality and affordability. Bhat Bhateni Departmental Store, Saleways Departmental Store, Blue Bird and Big Mart are some of the popular departmental in Kathmandu....
Shopping Malls
Kathmandu is fast becoming a shopping paradise with new malls opening up every now and then with an assortment of products ranging from branded cloth wear to household items. You can find many shopping malls where you can shop for items like electronic appliances, mu...